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Podcasts Patents & Patent Applications
  1. Benjamin A. Kenney, Andrew J.M. Buckrell, Colin A. Shore, Doug Vanderwees, Kenneth M.A. Abels. Counter-Flow Heat Exchanger for Battery Thermal Management Applications, US 20160204486 A1, Dec 2015

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Scientific Journal and Conference Papers

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Ph.D. Thesis

Scientific Conference Presentations

  1. B. Kenney, T. Chan, M. Bardeleben. Transient thermal stress modelling of charge air coolers. North American Vehicle CFD Symposium, Detroit, MI, April 20, 2017

  2. B. Kenney, K. Darcovich, D. MacNeil, F. Ilinca, J.-F. Hetu, K. Malek. Numerical modeling and optimization of Li-ion battery systems. EV 2011 Conference and Trade Show, Toronto, ON, September 26-28, 2011

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